Espresso Bar


Our full beverage menu ranges from classic blends of freshly roasted coffee to our rich and creamy frothy drinks that treat your tongue and tempt your taste buds. Prefer to enhance your guest’s experience? Consider adding gourmet biscotti, chocolate covered strawberries, or let us customize a dessert especially for your event needs.


Our signature rich-full bodied espresso, complemented by velvety steamed milk poured with artisan quality.

Our signature espresso combined with steamed milk, topped with a thick cap of foam.

Engage in the pristine quality of a single, double, or triple shot of rich espresso.

The genuine Italian experience: a straightforward shot of espresso, marked with a dollop of steamed milk.

Our Premium espresso blend stretched with steaming hot water promises a smooth coffee experience.

Café Au Lait
Our Signature brewed house coffee matched with the expertise of our steamed milk.

A match made in heaven! The combination of rich dark chocolate and bold espresso, swirled to velvety perfection, topped with whipped cream.

White Mocha 
An irresistible twist of satin white chocolate marbled with bold espresso and steamed milk, crowned with a mountain of whipped cream.

Raspberry Mocha
Our decadent mocha, distinguished with a hint of sun-ripened raspberry, adorned with whipped cream.

Caramel Latte
Get lost in the pleasure of sweet caramel coupled with espresso and steamed milk, graced with plentiful whipped cream.

Toffee Nut Latte
This heart-warming latte is a layering of buttery English toffee, hazelnut, rich espresso, steamed milk and billowing whipped cream.

Fruit Blasts

Strawberry Fruit Blast
The frozen perfection of ripe, sun-kissed strawberries garnished with whipped cream will bring back summer-time memories.

Strawberry Banana Fruit Blast
The timeless combination of juicy strawberries and fresh bananas is recreated in this energizing fruity blend.

Mango Fruit Blast
Tropical, vibrant mangos blended in this smoothie topped with whipped cream will send you on an exotic excursion!

Peach Fruit Blast
Succulent peaches characterize this smoothie that is sure to delight your taste buds!

Wildberry Fruit Blast
Not your typical smoothie! The whirlwind of raspberries, blackberries, and ripe berries creates flamboyant flavor unlike any other.


Teas and Tonics

Elixir Tonic
The effervescence of these naturally fruity teas mixed with sparkling water will leave you feeling invigorated and refreshed.

Hot Teas
Only the finest ingredients, Harney & Sons are used to create the herbal escape of our hot teas.

With the inviting aroma of pumpkin pie or vanilla, this spiced tea will warm you, heart and soul. Also available on the rocks or blended.


Frapps – Blended Iced Coffees

Our perfected recipe combining Rockwells signature house blends with your choice of flavoring is a sure way to help you chill out. Each blended frap is capped with billowing whipped cream and come in a variety of flavors to match your mood:

  • Mocha
  • Vanilla
  • Kona Mocha (Hawaiian coffee)
  • White Chocolate
  • Caramel
  • Java Chip
  • Chocolate Mint
  • Cookies ‘n’ Cream
  • Espresso

Looking for something cold and coffee-free? We have a wide selection of coffee-free blended drinks: the delicious spice of chai can be captured in a blended drink. The simplicity of the vanilla bean crème, the velvety chocolate of the 20 Below, the classic flavor of hazelnut, or the refreshing fruitiness of the strawberry crème offer great coffee-free alternatives.

Customized Combinations
Feeling daring? Looking for something different? Try combining flavors you already love from our flavor menu for a new twist on your favorite coffee drink. Why not go for a peppermint mocha, a macadamia nut white mocha,or create an Almond Joy by combining coconut and almond to your mocha? Play Barista for a night and have some creative fun!