About Rockwells

We are coffee enthusiasts

Rockwells believes in serving up an experience. From selecting the ideal coffee bean to the temperature of the milk, nothing less than the perfect marriage of ingredients goes into making each of our signature drinks. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with a quality product that will both enhance and bring pleasure to your palate.

We bring the café to you

With our custom coffee bar set to compliment any style event; we turn a typical coffee service into an artistic statement with our signature lattes, espressos, cappuccinos and iced drinks. To provide a touch of elegance, amplify your event with our selection of liquors.

We create the buzz of success

A client who hires Rockwells Coffee Catering understands that it is all about enhancing the success of the event. Clients range from corporate office centers to caterers, event planners, and individuals seeking that special element for their event. While you entertain your guests, let us worry about the rest.